Why A Cooperative?

We are a cooperative because we believe that farmer and citizen-owned businesses, organized on a democratic basis, are essential for seed and food sovereignty. Consolidation in the seed industry has seriously eroded our seed and food choices. FFSC is dedicated to do our part to de-centralize seed and food systems and pass along unique and improved vegetable varieties directly to farmers and gardeners, and through partnerships with food co-ops, credit unions, and other businesses. Learn more on our Cooperative Model page.

We incorporated in 2008 after two years of business planning and set-up activities. From 2008 to 2012 we primarily concentrated on crop selection, quality assurance trials, development of a stock seed program, and increasing improved and farmer-bred vegetable varieties. The first seed varieties to pass our quality assurance trials are featured on this website.

Our Co-op also has membership categories for seed sellers and farmers and gardeners who wish to have direct access to premium organic seed. Both of these membership groups are entitled to discounts on their seed purchases. We encourage all of our customers to consider joining as public member! (link here to membership

Several organizations and businesses have helped us over the years. In the spirit of the 6th cooperative principle, we hardily thank the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Cooperative Development Center, Organic Seed Alliance, La Montanita Cooperative, Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, and the California Center for Cooperative Development.



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