White Oak Farm and Education Center

In partnership with the Equity Trust, a national farmland preservation organization, White Oak Farm purchased 62 acres of farm and forest land in Williams, Oregon during the Fall of 2002. Their vision is to create a farm that is an ecologically sound and economically viable center dedicated to teaching, cultivating an ecological agriculture and distributing its bounty, and preserving and propagating a wide diversity of edible, medicinal, and wildlife plants.

White Oak Farm is located in the beautiful and biologically diverse Siskiyou Mountains. The farm is situated on a gentle south-east facing slope, surrounded by forests of pine, oak, madrone, and Douglas fir. There are three ponds for irrigation, swimming and wildlife habitat, a two acre organic garden, pastures, an orchard of over forty fruit tree varieties, ample space for camping and hiking, a straw bale-cob farm house, communal kitchen, yurts and tipis for community housing, outdoor showers and composting toilets. The farm is currently home to five community members, small flocks of chickens and turkeys, a small herd of goats and sheep, and many thousands of honey bees.

White Oak Farm & Education Center is dedicated to cultivating connections between people and their local ecosystems by pursuing community-based food security, fostering agricultural and ecological diversity, and teaching the arts of sustainable living. White Oak Farm strives to serve as a model of sustainable land use and living. Each year they host a variety of programs, including internships, school visits, preschool, and summer camps for children.

White Oak Farm & Education Center

PO Box 450

Williams, OR 97544


Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth




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