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Dan and Theresa Podoll

The family garden and a tradition of selective seed-saving for agronomic performance under organic conditions in northern climates and superb eating qualities, provides the basis for seed production at Prairie Road Organic Seed. Certified organic since 1977, David, Dan and Theresa Podoll began producing certified organic seed in 1997.

The Podolls have released four varieties bred in the garden and selected for the family table, including Uncle David’s Dakota Dessert squash, Dakota Rose watermelon, Dakota Black popcorn, and Dakota Sport tomato. They specialize in tomato seed improvement and production of many heritage varieties. Other seed crops include sweet corn, flint corn, pumpkin, beet, carrot, leek, cucumber, grey proso millet, rye, triticale, oats, buckwheat, and poppy.

The Podolls have cultured a rich family history of cooperative involvement and the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative was a natural fit philosophically, economically and socially. Cooperation and exchange have been the basis of varietal improvement and seed development for millennia. For the Podolls, the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative builds on that heritage and wisdom of the ages.

Theresa Podoll
9824 79th St SE
Fullerton, ND 58441

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Certified Organic by the International Organic Services.



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