L & R Family Farm

Liz Tree and Ryan Dolan

Both Liz and Ryan have farmed organically for over twenty years and are committed to the principles of organics and sustainability. Working in the fertile fields of the Sacramento Valley and producing for the gourmet markets of the San Francisco Bay Area has taught them the standards desired by large fresh market growers, and they strive to insure this quality in all seed they produce. L & R has continued to sell through both a community supported agriculture (CSA) model and at various farmers' markets, and hence has kept accumulating knowledge of how particular seed varieties perform, and what desired traits customers and farmers look for in their fields and on their tables.

Liz and Ryan believe that good quality seed stock is akin to a good herd of animals, and that every region and every farm should have some idea of what works best in their situation. L & R Farms is committed to growing well selected and improved open pollinated seeds so that farmers once again can have control over their own livelihoods and remain independent of corporate interests. Continual investment in plant improvement at L & R Farm lies at the core of their desire to respond constructively to the challenges of tomorrow.

Their seed specialities include garlic, onion, squash, and lettuce.  L & R Farm also produces grass fed beef and pastured pork.

L & R Family Farm
Liz Tree and Ryan Dolan
15030 Hwy 238
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Phone: 541-973-0602
Email: rdolantree@yahoo.com

Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, under the US National Organic Program.



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