Hobbs Family Farm


Hobbs Family Farm has been producing seed commercially since 1996 and is a founding member of the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative.

Hobbs Family Farm is located in southeastern Colorado in one of the prime seed production regions of the world. The elevation of 4500', arid climate, hot days, cool nights, mineral rich soil, and clean irrigation water from the Rocky Mountains all contribute to exceptionally high quality seed.

Also located along the historic Santa Fe trail, this farming region is a cultural cross-roads, with strong Italian, Hispanic and Anglo farming traditions and unique seed varieties. The area is especially known for its Chilé peppers, onions, melons and watermelons.

Dan and Jamie, and their three daughters, farm 30 acres of fresh vegetables and seeds in a five year rotation. The focus of their seed work is principally on onions, leeks, garlic, peppers, zucchini, melons, and carrots. They produce and select varieties for suitability for organic farming systems and specialty markets, drought and cold tolerance, and storage qualities.

PO Box 411
Avondale CO 81022

(719) 250-9835

Certified Organic by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, USDA



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