Eel River Produce


Bill Reynolds

Bill Reynolds operates Eel River Produce, located amidst coastal redwoods in Humboldt County, CA. An experienced grower, Bill has been farming since 1986 and has 12 acres.

He chose agriculture, in part, because he wanted to raise his family on a farm. Bill chose to grow organic because " It was the only method that made sense" to him. Having met organic pioneer, Alan Chadwick, in 1970, Bill's awareness about organic runs deep. To hone his craft, he engaged with other growers and has attended 15 Eco-Farm conferences to date.

Realizing there was a lack of zucchini seed suitable for wholesale market crop demands, Bill was motivated to start seed production. He cultivates in beans, corn, tomato, squash, melon and many other crops, chosen because they dry farm well, and provide great tasting food as well as seed. Seeds that have been selected to thrive in dry farm conditions offer the advantage of being strong, an solid benefit for seed buyers.

Reflecting on his vocation Bill says, "I love growing seed. The abundance of seed that plants produce allows me to give food to food banks as part of the selection process and still earn income." While weather and birds present challenges, he approaches them with a positive spirit, knowing the bigger picture is one of fruitful success.

FFSC's shared commitment and common relationships lef him to join the seed co-operative. "Many of the other growers are long time friends that I know to be dedicated to organic seed production. As a group I believe we can move this important mission further than any one could do solo."

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