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The terms garden tiller and cultivator are not a new thing for gardeners, farmers, and planters. Compared to other gardening tools and essentials, this device proves to be way more important as it does an essential job. The device is equipped with blades on the lower part of the structure to dig deep into the ground. It slackens the dirt and soil within the planting area as it moves down the field. Fortunately, you can easily find the information you need about this equipment, even when you know you are a beginner. Backyard Workshop is one example of a reliable site where you can gather information about what tiller is and what it does. It covers the best small garden tillers and cultivators that you need for your farming projects.

Unfortunately, looking at similar sites will not be enough to tell you what to do to pick the right and buy the right tool. Then, this article aims to complete the missing information by sharing several considerations to make before purchasing.

Types of Tillers

a large tomato fieldThere are at least two common types of tillers, and these are the front-tine and rear-tine tillers. The first type is known for its manual operation, although it is still more than available for basic gardening jobs. It includes weeding, preparing the soil, and composting. The second type, on the other hand, is suitable for larger-area operation as it is driven by machine. The counter-rotating tines found in this device serve to dig deeper into the ground, promising more successful planting projects. These two types of tillers imply the need for considering the size of the garden you have. If you own a small backyard, buying the first type will be the best option you have. However, if your farm is quite big and you depend on it to make a living, investing in the second type is a wise choice.

The Soil

There are times when you realize that the size of the farm is not a sole consideration to decide which device to buy. Sometimes, those who have smaller gardens notice that they need a more powerful device because of the rocky and hard soil. In cases like this, buying a bigger tiller is way more favorable, although the farm is not too big. If you are completely new at this, here are several tips for you. If your garden is less than 1500 feet, a mini tiller is what you need. However, if the land you own is more than 5000 feet, you should buy the one with bigger capacity and engine performance.